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Nuix Discover gives you end-to-end eDiscovery firepower from collections to the courtroom so you can get to the truth faster.

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eDiscovery Reimagined

Get all the benefits of the world’s best processing, everyday analytics, and smart review in a single platform. Backed by innovative, integrated customer success programs, Nuix Discover is the trusted choice for organizations worldwide. Deploy it on-premise, in the cloud, or anything in between.

  • Powered by the world's fastest processing engine, which transforms raw data into meaningful information consistently and with forensic precision.
  • Visual analytics quickly reveal the critical details in every project and reduce the complexity and time spent in document review.
  • Visual machine learning transforms your team of 10 into 1000 as our proven algorithms quickly learn and replicate the decision logic of your subject matter experts.
  • Flexible deployment models are tuned to the needs of your business and your clients. Go SaaS to securely collaborate in the cloud or install on-premise to enjoy behind-your-firewall protection.
  • Built for the business of review via a multi-tenant architecture, effortless client management features, nuanced, real-time reporting, and object-level security controls.
  • Backed by experienced customer success teams dedicated to helping you do more, grow faster, and succeed with Nuix Discover.
  • Supported by the global Nuix Partner ecosystem, which offers services and solutions on top of the Nuix Discover application.