Ringtail dynamically visualizes precision and recall levels so legal teams can quickly align their review goals with the budget and importance of the project.

Transform data points into decision points with visual predictive coding

Ringtail’s integrated predictive coding gives your team everything they need to effectively analyze and reliably autocode documents. Offering a unique, visual approach to all phases of the predictive coding process, Ringtail reduces the complexity associated with technology-assisted review and replaces it with an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow. Ringtail substantially improves the speed, quality and consistency of review projects while also delivering profound time and cost savings.

The Projections Matrix calculates the number of documents to review in order to achieve certain recall levels.

Seamless integration; superior results

Ringtail eliminates the complicated “import and export” tasks found in solutions which rely on third party plug-ins and instead keeps all data in a single database for easy administration, tracking and reporting. This single database approach allows legal teams of all sizes to leverage the power of machine learning and enjoy reduced project costs and improved coding consistency.

Predictive coding for everyone

Easy to understand

  • Transparent workflow provides simple explanations and clear objectives to keep legal teams on track.
  • The user interface presents core data and decision points in terms of review team goals such as “how many documents will we need to review for this project?”
  • Visual analytics quickly summarize the content of both the included and excluded document sets, allowing attorneys to quickly confirm for themselves the defensibility of the production.

Easy to use

  • Automatically generate training sets for any population, or manually create a training set based on pre-coded documents.
  • Teams can quickly customize the software to address different criteria such as responsiveness, critical issues, confidentiality or privilege.
  • Easily test variables such as whether or not to weight the importance of senders and recipients.
  • Simple left-to-right workflows make model management easy to administer in one place.
  • Quickly determine how many more documents would need review if targeting higher levels of recall using the easy-to-parse Projections Matrix.
  • Dashboards provide summaries for each model, including performance data for each test population.

Easy to defend

With the one-click Validation Report, legal teams can share all the coding results, including recall and precision statistics, needed to document and explain the predictive coding process.

  • Process and workflow are transparent and easy to describe.
  • Automated validation sample creation ensures accurate testing of classifier performance.
  • Validation reports are automatically generated.
  • Assess and remedy any potential challenges over “gaps” in productions with Ringtail visual analysis.
  • Developed by FTI Technology, a leading provider of e-discovery software, services and consulting.