Ringtail advanced analytics help legal teams complete a wide variety of review projects quickly and easily. Recently redesigned to feature a colorful and intuitive user interface, Ringtail excels at finding the non-obvious connections that search-only solutions often miss. Fully integrated into the core platform, review teams will enjoy immediate gains in speed and productivity when working on the most common e-discovery challenges.

Legal teams always know where to start their investigation or review with Ringtail Mines. With a high level view of all document concepts, reviewers can pinpoint areas of interest and prioritize review sequences to accelerate the discovery of key documents and case themes.

No dataset too big; no project too small

An attorney favorite, Cubes is a multi-dimensional x-ray for all metadata in your case. Want to see search term hits for each custodian? Focus review on specific months or days of activity? Cubes will get the job done.

Ringtail Analytics can help you perform:

  • Defensible computer-assisted review
  • Early case assessment
  • Trial and deposition preparation
  • Meet and confer keyword term analysis
  • Advanced culling
  • Custodial data analysis