Because there’s no such thing as simple e-discovery

Document review projects are inherently complex. With the challenges of rolling document productions, multiple phases of review and distributed review teams with differing expertise, corporations and law firms need a way to ensure that all documents are coded consistently and completely to satisfy the legal and strategic needs of the legal team. Ringtail’s review workflow helps transform your best practices into a rock-solid, repeatable process.

Critical information at a glance; detailed information at a click

The new user interface in Ringtail rewards the end user with a superior experience when analyzing the review team’s progress and estimating when the project will be complete. By elegantly melding information, color and visualizations into a single view, Ringtail provides users with actionable and useful information at each click. And with new navigation breadcrumbs and quick links, you are never more than a single click away from any page in review setup.