Accurate and timely productions are critical in e-discovery as the inadvertent “handing over” of the wrong document can be disastrous. Ringtail provides a comprehensive set of redaction and production tools to help manage a wide range of production challenges, including rolling and multi-jurisdictional productions. The dexterity of Ringtail lets you handle simple projects with ease and tackle the most difficult production requests in a defensible, repeatable manner.

Feature-rich and easy to use

Document production is a complicated, exacting process made more difficult by ever-changing requirements and court-imposed deadlines. To meet these pressures, Ringtail introduces a new and robust set of features to its already-proven production module.

Using Ringtail, legal teams can do the following:

  • Manage and meet critical court deadlines, agreed-upon delivery dates, and internal deadlines
  • Optimize review timelines and protect privileged information
  • Easily view production history, document by document – even when documents are produced repeatedly in multiple jurisdictions
  • Export to multiple file formats to easily exchange data
  • Produce imaged and native documents side by side, or produce text-searchable PDFs
  • Bates number all produced documents effectively and accurately
  • Image only those files you need to produce, saving time and costs associated with imaging entire sets of documents

Configurable workflows, custom outputs, predictable success

Ringtail offers the easiest means of managing document review and production by allowing users to define workflows based on the unique needs of the case. Once responsive documents are identified, they are easily added to a production with Ringtail facilitating the selection of any redactions that should be included on produced documents.

Ringtail’s redaction and production tools provide not only the dexterity to handle simple projects, but also the power, flexibility, and scalability to tackle your most complex, difficult production requests in a defensible, repeatable manner.