Your e-discovery platform is only as good as the database it creates. That’s why we designed Ringtail’s integrated processing module to create the most comprehensive index and metadata-rich database on the market. In addition to being fast and flexible, the Ringtail processing module creates a multi-use database that powers concept clustering, predictive coding, statistical sampling, e-mail threading, visual review and advanced analytics.

Processing jobs are highly customizable ensuring that your metadata and index meet the needs of your review team.

Highly configurable; highly visible

Highly configurable, Ringtail’s processing module delivers an intuitive workflow with engaging dashboards and detailed status information on all jobs.

Feature-rich, repeatable, defensible

Available as an additional, optional module for Ringtail, processing provides de-duplication, file filtering and metadata extraction in-house - saving you time, money and reducing the chance of error associated with moving data from one system to another. In addition to being fast, the Ringtail processing module delivers the following:

  • A nearly unlimited range of processing options for rapid identification and delivery of relevant documents at any stage of the e-discovery process.
  • Flexible workflows that make managing rolling productions easy.
  • Significant data reduction and organization for a more focused investigation and/or document review.
  • A built-in audit trail that provides a complete history of all documents processed.
  • Multilingual support for 23 languages (including Asian and European).
  • Automated tracking of processing settings
  • “Set it and forget it” job queuing
  • Real-time ingestion progress updates