The volume and range of electronically stored information contained in modern legal matters requires a platform that is equipped to handle the evolving data and media landscape. Ringtail as an e-discovery platform that is owned and utilized by a global management consulting firm that provides e-discovery services to the world’s top corporations and law firms is on the front lines of emerging and diversified data sources. And because of this, keeps you ahead of the data curve by building cutting edge technology to support customers and consultants alike.

Cloud Data

The use of cloud based programs, applications, and storage for both personal and business use, are widespread. And, in our increasingly connected world, the amount of data created and stored in the cloud continues to grow exponentially.

Ringtail can keep you and your team ahead of the curve for connecting, collecting, and reviewing data from current and emerging cloud based data sources, including social media and mobile data. Giving you the expertise and technology you need to take on the challenge of the cloud with confidence and ease.

Bloomberg Chat Data

For financial and SEC related legal matters, data contained in Bloomberg chat can provide critical details essential to building or defending a case. However, accessing this data and making sense of it in a review platform is challenging, with text strings running together making it impossible to determine who said what and when.

Ringtail’s industry leading Bloomberg Chat parsing technology automatically organizes Bloomberg chat data so you can easily review conversations alongside your other case documents and clearly follow along to determine what was being said and by whom.

Common Office Data

From emails, to word docs, spreadsheets, PDFs, PowerPoints, and CAD drawings, Ringtail makes it easy to uniformly review all your common office document types in an easy to use, understand, review and code user interface.