Ringtail 9.4 adds developer centric platform capabilities to empower user innovation and efficiency for legal review and investigations.

Software Development Kit

The Ringtail software development kit allows legal teams to build custom applications and task automation on top of the Ringtail database. It consists of three key components:

  • Ringtail Connect API: The Ringtail Connect API (API) empowers legal teams to create custom reports by pulling data from a Ringtail case or across cases and automate multi-step operations like creating cases, adding users and generating review team assignments
  • Ringtail Data Model: Ringtail Data Models (RDM) facilitate the creation of data structures for knowledge management applications such as custodian media tracking, issue and fact chronologies. It can also be leveraged for FOIA request tracking, fulfillment, and task management.
  • Ringtail User Extensions: Ringtail User Interface Extensions (UIX) enable the creation and display of custom “panes” inside review workspaces, the case home screen and the organization portal.

Find and Redact

New Find and Redact capabilities streamline the redaction process allowing automated selection and application of redactions to PDF documents directly within the view pane in Ringtail.

Social Network Enhancements

Ringtail has enhanced its Social Network functionality to allow for increased data granularity of communication flow between individuals and organizations by zooming, selecting, and isolating targets within an investigation.

Social Network Enhancements: Concept Cloud

Ringtails concept cloud has been integrated into the Social Network. Using the concept cloud, Ringtail users can automatically identifying key concepts and filter documents based the selections made in the concept cloud.

Mass Coding with Conditional Coding

You can now bulk code multiple documents at the same time in the Conditional Coding pane making adding additional scalability to efficiently reviewing documents in Ringtail.

Mac Compatible Document Review

The newly integrated Microsoft Office Online Viewer means legal teams can now search, review and code documents from any HTML5 compliant browser – including Safari.

Customizable Browse Panels

Users can now configure Ringtail’s browse panel to display only the data elements that are necessary to the review or investigation at hand. Newly available elements include people, organizations – including domain names – doc types and picklists.

Improved Document Imaging

Document imaging is now integrated into the Ringtail Processing Framework – which improves the speed and performance of the process while also providing error handling in real-time.

New Export Options

Ringtail’s extensive list of export options grow with the addition of single-click export from a search result. You are no longer limited to one redaction label and may choose from any combination of Author, Created date, Redaction label/highlight name, or free text.