E-Discovery projects come in many shapes and sizes. To ensure your team can succeed no matter the dynamics of the case, we offer several deployment options for Ringtail – from a do-it-yourself On-Premise model to full-service managed review powered by Ringtail. Designed to be interoperable, this unique hybrid approach to delivering Ringtail provides clients with tremendous flexibility when the scope and timing of a matter change.

On-Demand: The Fastest Path to Results

Ringtail On-Demand surrounds the power of the Ringtail document review platform with comprehensive managed service administered by Ringtail experts. Proven again and again on some of the world’s largest and most complex legal matters, Ringtail On-Demand enables your team to focus exclusively on the document review process and not the technical details.

On-Premise: For Experienced Legal & IT Teams

Ringtail On-Premise gives legal teams ultimate control over the Ringtail experience, including hardware, software and workflow optimizations. Feature rich, with visual review and advanced analytics included with the basic version, Ringtail On-Premise is updated quarterly with the latest, greatest advancements in document review and case management.

SaaS: The Power of Ringtail Delivered in a Private Cloud

Ringtail Software as a Service (SaaS) provides your team with a monthly subscription to Ringtail software in a private cloud that quickly scales up and down to the demands of your projects. Your team manages all aspects of case administration and document review while FTI manages hardware, uptime, security and all software upgrades and optimizations.