Attenex Concept Clustering provides a roadmap to the most relevant documents.

At the heart of Ringtail sits the patented Attenex® concept clustering technology. Designed to accelerate the review and analysis of large document sets during litigation or investigation, the Attenex concept clustering approach transforms the disparate information found in unstructured content - e-mail, documents and social media content – into a highly structured and organized index. This index allows Ringtail to represent the documents in Document Mapper, e-discovery’s only interactive visualization.

Attenex Cluster

It begins with content analysis and ends with an interactive, dynamic visualization of documents.

Content analytics fine-tuned for e-discovery

Attenex concept clustering begins with content analytics during the processing, or data ingestion, phase of e-discovery. During this process, the software analyzes and classifies all incoming content to identify key features in every document.

  • A linguistic engine extracts nouns and noun phrases from all e-mail, documents and social media content
  • Nouns and noun phrases (concepts) are identified and weighted based on frequency
  • Secondary and tertiary concepts within each document are identified
  • Overlapping concepts are identified
  • Documents are scored and assigned clusters based on similarity
  • Clusters are analyzed and grouped according to their similarity
  • The concept index is optimized via the removal of stop words

Concept Maps + Multi-Dimensional Views = Faster Review & Investigations

Ringtail leverages the concept index by visualizing the results inside of Document Mapper for a more rapid and engaging review experience. Here, the reviewer or investigator can explore, filter, search, browse and dynamically shape-shift the map on any number of axis to find relevant information quickly.

Example use cases include:

  • Case Assessment –Document Mapper has been successfully used by corporations and their law firms for more than 15 years to develop case strategy on a wide range of matters of all sizes and significance.
  • Litigation Review – Proven on many of the largest litigation matters, including anti-trust, patent infringement and subprime, as well as legal review projects, Document Mapper enables review team to more quickly and accurately categorize, annotate and redact documents in accordance with review guidelines and legal requirements.
  • Investigative Review – Proven on high-profile internal investigations, Document Mapper helps you quickly and accurately identify key information in support of legal strategy.

The concepts clusters are just the beginning

Ringtail uses the Attenex concept clustering index to power additional visualizations in the e-discovery workflow as well as provide a list of concepts in the Ringtail browse pane. Legal teams can also export concept lists at any time for analysis in Microsoft Excel.

Attenex Word Cloud

Ringtail’s Word Cloud visualizes prominent concepts extracted and ranked by the Attenex technology to help reviewers spot important topics inside case documents.