Are you ready to take your Ringtail skills to the next level?

Join Ringtail Users from across Canada for the 8th annual Ringtail User Group. This year’s meeting promises to deliver actionable insights that you can immediately apply to your day-to-day Ringtail use to drive efficiency and maximize productivity. Whether you’re a lawyer, investigator, Ringtail reviewer or administrator, this 1 and a half day event will give you the practical strategies you need to take your Ringtail use to the next level.

Session topics will include*:

  • What's Ahead For Ringtail?: Get an up-close early viewing of exciting new Ringtail functionality to be broadly released in Q1 2018.
  • User Training: Whether you are a new user or Ringtail expert live training sessions will help you get started and keep your skills sharp.
  • Applying Ringtail Learnings: Once you have completed a review or investigation how do you put your learnings into action? Best practices will be shared on how to utilize Ringtail data to excel in your role.
  • Open Panel Discussion: Learn from your peers through interactive discussions how they have implemented Ringtail within their organization to tackle todays e-discovery challenges.

* Final agenda will be released in October.

Featured Speakers to Include:

Craig Ball

Craig Ball, Craig Ball P.C.

Craig Ball is an expert in digital forensics, emerging technologies, visual persuasion, electronic discovery, and trial tactics, serving as a court-appointed Special Master in Electronically Stored Information and consultant in computer forensics and electronic discovery. He's a founder and faculty member of the Georgetown University Law Center E-Discovery Training Academy, an instructor at the University of Texas School of Law, frequent speaker on CLE programs, and widely published author. He pens the popular blog

Bill Adams

Bill Adams, Senior Managing Director & Head of the Ringtail Business

William Adams is Senior Managing Director and head of the Ringtail business. He is based in Washington, D.C. Mr. Adams specializes in litigation discovery, database creation and management and courtroom presentation technologies. He is adept at finding the most efficient use of litigation technology across the spectrum of client requirements with particular depth and experience in the application of electronic discovery and knowledge management solutions.

Skip Walter

Skip Walter, Chief Product Officer

Skip Walter is the Chief Product Officer for FTI Technology and is based in Seattle. Mr. Walter has over 40 years of technology product development experience along with executive management experience in Fortune 100 and Fortune 2000 companies, together with start-up businesses. He was the founding Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Attenex, achieving a cash flow positive state within three years before being acquired by FTI Consulting in 2008.

Emily Tice

Emily Tice, VP of Customer Success

Emily Tice is a Senior Managing Director and leads the customer success teams for the Ringtail business. She is based in New York. For the past twelve years Ms. Tice has managed and consulted on some of the largest electronic discovery matters in the U.S. and abroad. Ms. Tice has focused her client service on large, multi-faceted litigations in the automotive, banking, and pharmaceutical industries. She has also led litigation and investigation matters, including partnering with other practices on Ponzi and financial regulatory cases.


Wednesday, November 29




8:00-8:30 AM
8:30-9:30 AM
Welcome and Bonjour

Ringtail State of Union

Overview of the Conference
Tim Klinger, Managing Director of Government,

Bill Adams,
Head of Ringtail Business

JR Jenkins, Managing Director of Ringtail Marketing
9:30-10:15 AM
Guest Keynote:
These are our Good Ol’ Days:
Preparing for the bounty of mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) evidence.
Craig Ball, Craig Ball P.C.
10:15-10:30 AM
10:30-10:50 AM
Keeping Ringtail on the Forefront of Innovation
Skip Walter, Chief Product Officer, will discuss his primary duties as Chief Product Officer for Ringtail and how he is accelerating the pace of innovation across the research and development teams.
Skip Walter, Chief Product Officer
10:50-11:20 AM
Ringtail 9
Ringtail 9 was released in January of 2017 and includes more than 200 new features / improvements. Emily Tice will demo some of the most notable new additions & improvements since Ringtail 8.6.
Emily Tice, VP, Customer Success
11:20-11:45 AM
Ringtail Year In Review and Staying Connected
Jeff Braislin, Product Marketing Manger
11:45 AM-12:45 PM
12:45-1:45 PM
Optimizing Ringtail In Your Department: Working Group Session
This session encourages users of Ringtail to interact during round table discussions assisted by FTI representatives. Learn from Ringtail users with similar roles and responsibilities what has worked best in optimizing Ringtail for their day-to-day use and organization.

Discussion topics will include:
  • Data in and Data out
  • Organization Optimization
  • Environment Infrastructure
  • User Efficiency
  • Review Management
  • Business Management/Process
Reem Saffouri, Senior Director, Customer Enablement

Roundtable Discussions
1:45-2:45 PM
Continuous Active Learning and Keyword Analysis
Ringtail’s Continuous Active Learning (CAL) and Keyword Analysis are unparalleled in e-discovery. During this session we will dive into the world of CAL and Keyword Analysis and learn how your legal team can put these features in to action for a variety of document review and data analysis tasks.
Scott Foster,
FTI Technology, Managing Director
2:45-3:00 PM
3:00-4:00 PM
Expert Panel:
Data madness: The impact of new data types on E-discovery
Audio recordings. Video conferencing. Text messaging. Bloomberg chat. Slack project management. Snapchat. Instagram. New data types are playing a more prominent role in e-discovery. During this session we will explore the trend, the impact it has on today’s matters and how to better prepare for tomorrow’s "next big thing".
JR Jenkins

Skip Walter
Craig Ball
plus Special Guest Panelist
4:00-4:15 PM
Preview of Tuesday & Q&A
4:15-5:30 PM
Evening Reception

Thursday, November 30




8:00-8:30 AM
8:30-9:30 AM
The Power of Data Visualization in Ringtail
As "big data" grows, so does the need for data visualization. During this session we will dive into the world of transforming raw data into intelligible patterns. See notable examples of visualization both in and out of e-discovery and the next generation of visualizations in Ringtail.
Skip Walter &
JR Jenkins
9:30-10:30 AM
Better Investigations via the Ringtail Investigation Workspace
Investigations are notoriously challenging projects for law enforcement, intelligence agencies and other teams that need to interrogate data efficiently. Whether as part of external or internal casework, investigators are often hampered by obstacles such as aggressive time constraints, challenges collaborating, and aggregating disparate data sources in a single workspace to glean a more complete picture of case details. During this session we will discuss strategies for improving investigation outcomes as well as demo the new Ringtail’s new Investigation Workspace.
Skip Walter &
Emily Tice
plus Guest Speaker
10:30-10:45 AM
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
The Ringtail Roadmap
Join the Ringtail R&D leadership team as they preview of the Ringtail Connect API, Ringtail Data Models and several new visualizations. A Q&A session will follow the demonstrations.
Bill Adams
Skip Walter
Eliot Davidoff
, Senior Director
12:00-1:00 PM
1:00-2:45 PM
Ringtail Product User Working Groups
This session asks users to gather in their small groups again to provide feedback on the presented road map and to help brainstorm ways to enhance existing functionality like:

  • Offline / Mobile Solution
  • Annotation Exchange
  • Timeline and Social Network
  • Courtroom Presentation functionality
  • Ringtail Data Models
  • Conditional Coding
  • Workspaces
Assorted Ringtail Team Members
2:45-3:00 PM
Closing Thoughts
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