Answered by Eliot Davidoff

You can use search terms to do the following:

  • Automatically apply color-coded keyword hit highlighting to document content
  • See the prevalence of terms visually in the document map
  • Cull a document set
  • Report on the number of hits per term and other metrics

Ringtail organizes groups of related search terms into search term families. First, create a search term family, then add terms to it. If you have many terms, you can create them from a file rather than one at a time. Finally, run the search term family. This executes the search queries for each term and associates each term with the documents that contain them.

If you modify or add terms, you will need to run the family again to update the associations between terms and documents. The search term family's status will change to "Modified" to indicate that it should be run again. 

If you add more documents to your case later, the search term family will need to be run again to find hits in the new documents. You can set a search term family to automatically run after indexing to avoid having to manage this manually.