Answered by Robert Young

How you assign documents to a specific user depends on whether the documents already exist as an assignment in a workflow.

  • If documents are not already within an assignment in a workflow:
    1. Perform a search.
    2. On the toolbar, click Tools and select Workflow.
    3. Ensure that Add to a workflow is selected.
    4. Complete the Add to a workflow steps.
    5. To assign this assignment to a specific user, select the user on the Assign user menu. (The user can be any user in the case and does not have to be a member of the phase team or workflow team.)
  • If documents are already in an assignment within a workflow:
    1. Open the All Assignments page.
    2. Select assignments.
    3. Assign or reassign assignments. In the Assign user dialog box, select the name of the user.
    4. Click OK in the respective dialog box.

For more information, see Administering Assignments