Answered by Eliot Davidoff

Ringtail uses group-based security to restrict or grant access to documents. By default, users in all groups can access all documents in a case. As a case administrator, you can enable document security by clicking "Enable document security" on either the Binders Overrides or the Levels page under Security. Once enabled, you can configure each group to either:

  • Have access to all documents unless explicitly denied, by setting the root level to "Allow" on the Levels page, or
  • Have access only to explicitly allowed documents, by setting the root level to "Deny" on the Levels page

You can then add the documents that you want to explicitly deny or allow to a binder, set the binder as a security override in the binder properties, and then specify whether the documents in the binder should be allowed to denied to each group on the Binders Overrides page under Security. 

Denying access to documents in a gif